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Our Update Bundle, designed for our existing clients only, includes Federal Annual OSHA Employee Training Certification, Infection COntrol & COVID-19 Protocols, International OSHA/GHS (Global Harmonization System) Certification Requirements & HIPAA Omnibus Rule Training Module. This Expert-Guided Compliance Solution has everything you will need to update your existing Federal & International Compliance Modules. We begin by scheduling a traditional 2-Hour, interactive Webinar with your team to complete all (3) required trainings. Lead by familiar Compliance Experts (who are all former dental professionals). This interactive session will keep learning streamlined, organized and fun as you propel through the compliance mandate updates. We will also prepare and send all new required updated OSHA/ GHS & HIPAA manuals & customized employee paperwork. Then our OSHA/GHS & HIPAA coaches will personally guide you through the implementation update process by: filling-in-the-blanks of the manuals, navigating through the materials and providing a customized OSHA Safety Facility Report during an additional 4-Hour Phone Consult Session with your OSHA/ HIPAA Officer! And we won’t stop there… In the event of an OSHA inspection, our Compliance Experts will work with you during any inspection process. We stay on-call for you for one full year! You already know our programs are easy, comprehensive and worry-free! It’s your FEDERAL OSHA, INTERNATIONAL OSHA/GHS & FEDERAL HIPAA OMNIBUS RULES TRAINING & COMPLIANCE PKG Solution! Here’s everything you get with your Update Bundle… Via UPS, these Items will be Mailed to your office: OSHA / GHS Manual (2020 edition)

  • 2020 OSHA Manual Written to GHS & CDC Infection Control Standards includes: (5) customizable sections & an efficient organizer for all required Employee Forms.
  • USA / GHS Pictogram Labeling Supplies & Instruction Guide with easy tips for Labeling your Dental Products to OSHA standards quickly and efficiently!
  • (2) Pictogram Diagrams required posting within your dental office.
  • USA MSDS to International SDS Conversion Guide instructions for compiling and converting USA MSDS to International SDS in a snap!
  • SDS Cloud / Digital Hosted Library Set-Up Instructions for compiling a new SDS-library with Employee 24-hour access.
  • Bio Hazard Labels for use at bio hazardous areas within your facility.
  • Personalized Employee Required OSHA Forms Document Packets
  • International GHS Video & Required Forms  for use with future hires and part-time employees.
  • OSHA National Disaster & Homeland Security Alert Packet quick & easy 6-page guide will take you to compliance. (It is a Federal Mandate to have this written plan in place in your office).
  • Federal Annual OSHA Employee Training Certificate
  • GHS Employee Training Certificate
  • Portal Access for Video & Forms
  • OSHA Expert On-Call (for 1-Full Year!) We become an extended team member and your Personal OSHA Expert! Call us anytime with questions or if you need us to assist with inquiries from OSHA Inspectors. We’re there for you every step of the way.

2020 HIPAA Omnibus Rule Manual

  • 2020 HIPAA Manual to OMNIBUS Rule Standard includes updates and revisions to current HIPAA mandates, to include:
    • 5-Year Organizer to secure your Employee Training Records, Confidentiality Agreements and Breach Reporting Documents
    • HIPAA Compliance Officer Committee Advisory Guide
    • HIPAA Workbook to use in conjunction with Employee Training Video for better comprehension.
    • HIPAA Hi-Tech Law Packet fill-in-the-blanks format. This fulfills the 2011 law for written compliance explaining how your office handles all patient Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).
    • Data Back Up & Contingency Plan simply fill-in-the-blank format that meets Federal Requirements.
  • HIPAA Omnibus Rule On-Line Portal Access with password protected access to:
    • HIPAA Omnibus Rule Employee Training Video: A 60-Minute informative narrative on healthcare facility and employee requirements. Watch at your convenience and as many times as you like! (MP4 format)
    • All Required HIPAA eFroms: Provided in both Microsoft™ WORD & PDF format to include all HIPAA Revised Forms: Business Associates Agreement to Omnibus Standard, Notice of Privacy Practices, HIPAA Patient Acknowledgement Form, Third-Party Permission for Records Release Form, PHI Breach Assessment Form + Many More.
    • Comprehensive Checklist of Requirements: This easy-to-use tracking form will help you monitor your progress as you implement these new HIPAA Protocols into your dental office facility.
    • HIPAA Risk Assessment Report Template:  Plus, 1-hour of Guided-Help to co-create your report; Reusable year-after-year!
    • Omnibus Rule Workbook provided in electronic format too---for your convenience.
    • Sign-On Credentials to our HIPAA On-Line Portal provided per your location only.

2-Hour interactive Webinar

  • Webinar scheduled at several convenient times. (Subject to availability.)
  • (3) Required Mandate Employee Trainings Provided: Federal OSHA, International GHS & HIPAA Omnibus Rules.
  • Interactive Learning Platform allows for question & answer format in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • OSHA, GHS & HIPAA Required Employee Signature Forms signed during this session under the authorization of your Compliance Expert Webinar Leader.

4-Hour “Easy Training” Phone Consult Session

  • In Depth Review of all Manuals, Forms & Labeling Supplies with your office’s compliance key contact person.
  • Personalization of Documents to fill-in-the-blanks of all manuals & diagrams.
  • Required Risk Assessment Report Template co-created with you & reuseable
  • State Compliance Guidance for 13 States which require additional OSHA Paper work (Michigan OSHA & TX HIPAA not included---sold separately)

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